Anonymous (1-17), Taxpayers, D. 115
Anonymous (14-37), Parents D. 115 or D. 67
Dr. Amelia Bartholomew
A  Brennan
Dr. John Burkhardt

Lisa Clarkson

Taylor R. Cottam
David & Carol Craigmile

Debbie Dent
Mrs. Aina Eglite

Dr. Erik Eglite
Gary Finley
Bryan & Carrie Ford
Daniel Good

Paul & Reenee Gotta
Patricia Kammerer

Henry Kleeman & Joan Boughton
Laura & Geoffrey Luce

Michael & Jennifer Neubauer
Mr. & Mrs. Maris and Ingrid Prieditis

James Pruett
Dan Rogers
Laura Rukavina
Donald E. Russ
Edward Sachs, Jr.

Karen Schmid

Dr. John Somberg & Susan Somberg
Hilary F. Till
Rob & Rosemary Troxel


We Support the LFSW Mission!

Supporters of the Mission Statement, in formation.   Thank you for your courage and sustained commitment.


Young Americans For Freedom 9/11 Flag Display Not Allowed:  "Too Disruptive."  Read more here.

LFHS refuses to release script for Frosh/Soph play "She Kills Monsters" Despite Controversial Text and Community Outrage.  Read more here.

De-tracking for "Equity" or Mediocrity at LFHS?  Read more here.

Lake Forest Schools Watch


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Founded in 2015 in the wake of controversial LFHS Board decision-making, Lake Forest Schools Watch (LFSW) was formed to ensure that administrative and board decisions on curriculum, personnel, fiscal, and other issues are fully informed, completely transparent, ethical and solely in the best interests of  Lake Forest students in helping them obtain a world-class education.

We are Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Libertarians, and non-Affiliated.  We are Conservative, Liberal, and Moderate.  We agree on one thing:  that the administrations and boards of education of the public schools in Lake Forest, Illinois; to wit; Lake Forest High School, Deer Path Middle School, Cherokee, Everett and Sheridan elementary schools,  must serve the needs and desires of the stakeholders.  They are the parents, students and taxpayers of District 67 and District 115.
Our needs and desires are these:  that LFHS and the middle and elementary schools provide a world-class education.  Period. Our children deserve no less. The taxpayers deserve no less.  We want our children to be enabled to achieve their highest possible levels of academic accomplishment in an atmosphere that is socially, emotionally, and ethically age appropriate and devoid of political or other agendas that have nothing to do with the best academic interests of the children in Lake Forest public schools.
LFSW exists to ensure that parents and taxpayers may band together, share information, become informed, speak truth to power, and engage in concerted action.  Most importantly, we seek to ensure the transparent slating and election of School Board Members who are competent, reasonable, and courageous critical thinkers who embrace the LFSW mission.  We want School Board Members who will serve the best interests of Lake Forest public school students and taxpayers, exclusive of their own social or political agendas, and who will comply with the legal and fiduciary duties they owe to the districts they serve and the people who elect them.
LFSW supporters pay no dues, live in District 67 or 115 in Lake Forest or District 65 in Lake Bluff/Knollwood  and agree with this Mission.