De-tracking for "Equity" or Mediocrity at LFHS?  What's next, the elimination of grades?  GPAs? Weighted GPAs?   Read more here. 

Picture, left:  From a 2003 Deer Path Middle School brochure, justifying academic tracking to serve all learners, and help each achieve his or her best.

Lake Forest Schools Watch

Picture, above:  The "playbook" for detracking for "equity" at LFHS.


Does the 2019 Frosh/Soph Play "She Kills Monsters" seek to normalize child/adult sexual dalliances?  Why won't LFHS release a single copy of the play for parent review?

                                                           Read more about the play here and here.


(A few play excerpts follow, in no particular order.  The page numbers are taken from this online PDF copy of the play, and formatting errors or misspellings are the result of cutting and pasting a PDF:

1.         p. 48 (The characters are in the “D&D” world: 

Lillith, Orcus and Kaliope are high school students,

Tilly, the deceased teen sister, and Agnes the 25-year-old teacher). 

Emphasis supplied.

Lillith. Though I find you mocking your sister like a five year-old incredibly sexy,

shouldn't we, you know, kill this thing before it kills us. AGNES. No TILLY. See,

and once again, you're choosing your boyfriend over me. KALIOPE.

Your boyfriend is a gelatinous cube? Gross. ORCUS.

Ya know what? I'd fuck it. It might feel good. It's slick. AGNES. This isn't fair, Tilly, and you know it.

2.         p. 20 (The characters are in the “real world”:  Vera is the guidance counselor, Agnes the teacher, Miles, Agnes’ boyfriend).  Emphasis supplied.

VERA. Do you want an STD? No, you don't. At worst, that shit will kill you. In the least, it will get your shit itchy. And nobody likes a girl with an itchy hoo-hah. Now get out of here and keep your pants on! Stupidass questions! (AGNES walks in and crashes in her chair.) Well, you look like shit. AGNES. Thanks. VERA. Crazy night with Miles? AGNES. Crazy night. Not with Miles. VERA. Well, who's the new mystery man? AGNES. It's not what you think, I was with a high school boy. VERA. Say what? AGNES. We were up all night... Role-playing. VERA. Agnes, you know I'm all for experimentation and extracurricular activities, but maybe you should stick to guys your same age - AGNES. JESUS, Vera, we were playing Dungeons and Dragons. VERA. OH! Wait. Dungeons and Dragons?

3.         p. 32-34 (The characters are in the “D & D” world.  Agnes sees her “deceased” 15-year-old sister, Tilly with another high school girl, Lillith, apparently in state of undress.  Orcas and Kaliope are also high school students.)  Emphasis supplied.

(AGNES enters back into the D&D world.) AGNES. Tilly! Tilly, where are you? Check it out, I got myself some cool. .. (As she enters, she catches TILLY and LILLITH making out.) Whoa, what the hell??? TiLLY. Oh, hey there, Agnes. Nice gloves. LILLITH. What are you looking at? AGNES. What were you two doing? TiLLY. I was, uh...kissing my girlfriend. AGNES. Whoa! Wait just a minute! You two are a couple? LILLITH. Does this upset you, lunch meat? AGNES. It upsets me that you don't know how to put on all your clothes. LILLITH. I'd advise not talking to me in such a tone. AGNES. And I'd advise wearing a complete shirt next time you're MAKING OUT WITH MY SISTER!

TILLY. No. Tillius is a D&D name. I'm female, she's female, and we're lovers. AGNES. So your character's gay? LILLITH. As am I. (KALIOPE and ORCUS enter.) KALlOPE. Me too. ORCUS. I loves me the cock. AGNES. Wait, the big slacker demon is gay? KALlOPE. As is everyone in New Landia. Well, everyone except for you, Agnes the Ass-hatted. AGNES. Why is that?  KALlOPE. Well, maybe it's because you haven't met the right girl yet AGNES. NO, that's not what I meant. I mean, why is everyone here gay? KALIOPE. Because it was the will of the creator. AGNES. The will of the creator? TILLY. Does that bother you, Agnes?

September 2019:  Young Americans for Freedom, a new club with over 110 members at LFHS was denied the right to place American Flags on the LFHS front lawn to commemorate 9/11 victims.

The reported reason is that the display would have been "too disruptive".  Despite repeated Freedom of Information Act requests, however, LFHS refuses to release one, single email with an address with the search term "YAF" or "Young Americans for Freedom".  What is the Administration hiding?  The real reason for not allowing the display?

With the help of local veterans, the students were able to place the flags on the City-owned parkway and commemorate the victims of 9/11.  Later, these courageous students invited Rachel Campos-Duffy, FOX news contributor, and her husband, former U.S. Congressman Sean Duffy, to speak to a crowd of several hundred at the Raymond Moore Auditorium regarding the illegality of censorship of political speech at tax-payer supported, high schools.